The Count Bishops

The Site Updates : 2004
01 10 2004 The Concerts : 1979 and 1980

Thanks to Charles GURNEY who sent in 2 dates for 1979 and 1980 when The Touch, in which he played drums, supported The Bishops.
01 10 2004 The Links

A link to Charlie Morgan's web site has been added
01 10 2004 The Discography : The CD albums

The scan of "The Chiswick Story" is added.
01 10 2004 The Discography : The Vinyl Singles

The scan of the German pressing of "I Want Candy" is added.
18 06 2004 The early CHROME story is up-dated ...

Johnny Guitar has sent in some facts in order to provide a more accurate story of the CHROME days. It's here.
Thanks John.

Still no confirmation that the (Count) Bishops albums can be reissued.

31 01 2004 Andy EASTWOOD
Andy's biography after The Bishops up-dated by Andy himself.
See here.


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