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The Site Updates : 2003
20 10 2003 The Musicians : Mike Spenser

Two photos of Mike have been added in the biography. One that shows a young Mike (during his roadie days) and another one very recent. Some comments of Mike are also included. 
20 10 2003 The Musicians : Johnny Guitar

David Darling, singer in MidLife Crisis, the new band in which John plays, has sent in recent photos of John.
20 10 2003 The Musicians : Steve Lewins

Jeremy Lyons, from U.S.A. and Casimir, from Amsterdam (Holland) have sent in some news about Stevie. 
20 10 2003 The Musicians

New easier navigation menu for the musicians section. 
02 10 2003 The Musicians - Zen

Zen's discography has been added.
10 09 2003 The Story - Part 5

Josh Thorne (road manager and sound engineer in 1978) has sent in some memories. Thanks Josh.
27 08 2003 The Concerts : 1978

The Coventry date (Sept. 30) was sent by Peter Miles. Thanks Peter.
26 07 2003 The Line-Ups : Chrome
Mike Spenser has sent in some additions. Thanks Mike.
22 07 2003 The Concerts : 1976
Two dates sent in by Jeroen Vedder from The Next Big Thing Web site.
22 07 2003 Site Updates
A new section has been created on the left side to inform you in details of the site updates.
11 07 2003 Dave Tice biography
Some corrections to Dave's biography.
11 07 2003 Johnny Guitar biograph
Some corrections to John's biography.
11 07 2003 Mike Spenser biography
Some corrections to Mike's biography.


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