The Count Bishops

The Story - Part 8

The 2005 reunion concerts

In 2005, on September 22 and 23, The COUNT BISHOPS reformed for two live concerts  : 
     one private at The Lock 17 (September 22)
     one public at The Bang-Bang Club (September 23).

22 September 2005

The Lock 17 (ex-Dingwalls, in Camden Town, London)

were the main act of the party organised by Roger Armstrong and Ted Carroll for the 30th anniversary of CHISWICK records.

     Johnny came from Florida, U.S.A.
     Pat came from Budapest, Hungary
     Dave came from Australia
     Paul also came from Australia

They rehearsed during 3 days and when they took the Lock 17 stage, they hadn't played together for 26 years !!!
The BISHOPS began their concert with a high energy version of "Too Much Too Soon"
It was real high energy. 
Real high emotions, too.

John, Dave, Pat and Paul were all in top form and showed they were happy to be reunited and play all their classic songs again.
They played 19 tracks. Here's the list :
     01.  Too Much Too Soon
     02.  Stay Free
     03.  Baby You're Wrong
     04.  Good Guys
     05.  Saturday Night
     06.  Taste & Try
     07.  Don't Start Me Talkin'
     08.  Someone's Got My Number
     09.  Down The Road Apiece
     10.  Confessin' The Blues
     11.  I'll Go Crazy
     12.  I Need You
     13.  I Take What I Want
     14.  I'm Not Talkin'
     15.  Train, Train
     16.  Somebody's Got Their Head Kicked In Tonight
     17.  I Want Candy
     18.  Route 66
     19.  All Over Now
     20.  (No Lies)

It was a concert high in emotions. A large photo of Zen DE FLEUR overlooked the stage. Zen was there. And I guess he was happy to see his friends enjoying themselves on a stage with the same energy as in 1977.

was also present. He has a new musical project with his
FLY JUGBAND. Stevie now plays blues with guitar, slide guitar and harmonica. It was nice to see him there, also reunited with his old friends.

In the public, everybody danced and had a lot of fun. What a night !!!
The Lock 17 walls and foundations have shaken !!!


23 September 2005

The Bang-Bang Club (ex-100 Club, in Oxford Street, London)

At the Bang-Bang Club, the conditions were a bit different. 
Eddie & The Hot Rods opened for The COUNT BISHOPS
Then Mike SPENSER briefly introduced our BISHOPS on stage. 

Most of the public came to see The COUNT BISHOPS reunited for the first time in 26 years. 
They were not disappointed.
The set was the same, with again Zen reunited with his old friends, with the same energy, the same pleasure. 

However, according to me, there was a little difference : the musicians seemed more relaxed.
This concert was also played at 130 m.p.h. 
Here again, a large part of the public danced.
Everybody had a great time.

We're waiting for a new reunion !!! Please don't make us wait for 26 years !!! 


Both concerts were FANTASTICALLY GREAT !!!


Thanks John, Paul, Dave, Pat and Roger 

for all these unforgettable moments, 

either musically than emotionally.



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