The Count Bishops

The Story - Part 7

The last recordings and drummer changes
Having lost 2 founding members in 3 months, The BISHOPS are considering their future. The very next future is already planned. It's a live session on the Andy PEEBLES show on BBC RADIO 1 early in July.

They recruit Peter MILES, an Australian drummer who was in London for some years and had been playing in some English band. He had also played in various bands in Australia before moving to England.

This line up didn't tour a lot. They only did a few gigs around London.
Early in October 1979, The BISHOPS decided to have a trip to Australia to tour there for 6 weeks and try to negotiate and sort out Paul BALBI's return in England.
The 6th line up lasted for only a few weeks.

In Australia, The BISHOPS found Paul BALBI on drums again. Together they played this 6 weeks tour of the Australian East Coast.

In Sydney, they were joined on stage by The COASTERS and jammed on "Poison Ivy"

While in Australia, The BISHOPS also found some time to record "No Lies" in Sydney's EMI Studios 301.

This track have been released in Australia (but also in Benelux and Austria) as a single, with "(Waiting For) Saturday Night" as B-Side.
Then they flew back to England leaving their founding drummer in Australia.

Back in England, The BISHOPS needed a new drummer.

They recorded "Taste And Try" live at the Hope And Hanchor with Charles MORGAN on drums. The song is included on "The London R & B Sessions", a compilation of 12 bands caught live in this pub during November and December 1979.

The whole album is recorded on the Stiff mobile by Barry FARMER who had already worked as a recording engineer for The COUNT BISHOPS on their first Chiswick recordings.

But The BISHOPS didn't survive the loss of 2 of their founding members and soon disbanded.

They were a fabulous rhythm and blues group. They had their roots in the past:  in the sixties (covers of FLEETWOOD MAC, the KINKS, the STANDELLS, ...), in black blues and early rock (covers of Sonny Boy WILLIAMSON, Willie DIXON, Slim HARPO, Elmore JAMES, Chuck BERRY, ...) and in soul music (covers of Otis REDDING, Sam COOKE, SAM & DAVE, ...).

But The COUNT BISHOPS were not only a cover band. They were also fine composers. They have written a lot of little jewels. It's a real pleasure to play their records LOUD and let their music flow into  your ears.


Thanks to all the musicians

Roger Armstrong and Ted Carroll

for such a pleasure.


In Part 8  :  the 2005 reunion concerts ...



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