The Count Bishops

The Story - Part 3

The "GOOD GEAR" album

Not destabilised by Mike SPENSER's departure, The COUNT BISHOPS arranged a studio session in March 1976 at PATHWAY Studio. The atmosphere in the studio was terrific with French Cognac and Thai grass contributing and resulting in the beautiful single "Taking It Easy" backed with "Train, Train". This single was first released in The Netherlands by DYNAMITE records with "Taking It Easy" as the A-side (DYNAMO DYR 45001).

"Taking It Easy" was written by Steve LEWINS, while the B-side is a Zen DE FLEUR composition. Zen also took over the vocals. Both are their first self penned songs. The COUNT BISHOPS produced this session themselves. Both tracks are sublime. "Train, Train" can easily be considered as a classic.

The single was licensed to CHISWICK for England and was released as a double A-side in August 1976. The radios and the press helped to push the single.

It was later reissued with a minor reference change when CHISWICK distribution moved to CBS.

It was also DYNAMITE records which released the first COUNT BISHOPS' album, in 1977. This hard blues album, called "Good Gear", included 13 blues classics, and amongst them "Dear Dad", "Carol" and "Johnny B. Goode" (Chuck BERRY). There's also a fantastic version of "Walking The Dog" (Rufus THOMAS), etc ... 

On this album, Zen and Johnny shared the lead vocals. This album was "our legendary Dutch album that nobody can get over here" said the band. It's an extremely rare album.

It has been reissued in France by LOLITA Records, in 1984. This reissue was made out of the original "Good Gear" own vinyl copy of LOLITA's boss. No tape of the original sessions have been found, it seems that they are lost.



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