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Birmingham Sun  -  June 19, 1979
THE BISHOPS  -  "Cross Cuts"  (Chiswick)  7/10

There's not really a great deal to tell about this album. Suffice it to say that The Bishops (formerly The Count Bishops) have produced a really meaty album here, firmly rooted in the traditions of rock 'n' roll. What is notable is the plush mix which makes what is basically a rather heavy album still easy on the aural sensory apparatus of the listener. Despite a couple of blatant rip offs, I like this album a lot. Not brilliant, but good.



Australasian Express  -  June 29, 1979

THE BISHOPS, just recovering from the tragic death of guitarist Zenon De Fleur, have been hit with yet more trouble.

Drummer Paul Balbi has flown back to Australia because of hassles with the Immigration Department.
While he appeals to the Home Office, the band is forced to mark time, putting doubts over plans for a Scandinavian tour.
However you can still get an earful of The Bishops from their latest L.P. "Cross Cuts" on Chiswick Records CWK 3009.
The album gives you lots of the good time, dirty rock 'n' roll that the band do oh so well.
The classic "I Take What I Want" starts it off with a thump, while the Dave Tice/Zenon De Fleur composition "Your Daddy Don't Mind" and the old Easybeats track "Good Times" stand out on side one.
Side two keeps up the quality with, among other things, a ripper version of "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite", originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac.
"Cross Cuts" is highly recommended for your next party, especially if you would like a change from the usual disco dance music that's taken over the turntables at every one else's parties.
If you need convincing, listen to The Bishops in a live session on the Andy Peebles Show, BBC Radio 1 early in July, with Peter Miles from Gulliver Smith's band sitting in on drums.


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