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MELODY MAKER  -  August 14, 1976
Pub Rock

The Count Bishops' "Train Train" and "Taking It Easy" (Chiswick) was recorded three months ago. The band now play (as the times decree) a bit faster. They're surviving the endless round of drunken audiences as, indeed, any band whose lead singer went to school with Nils Lofgren and who've named themselves after an infamous gang of New York street punks, should. This lot are strong and straight. Hear them.


Melody Maker  -  September 9, 1978

THE BISHOPS  -  "I Want Candy"  -  Chiswick

Through sheer sweat and relentless dedication The Bishops are finally getting some national recognition. They certainly deserve it after all this time.
It's a solid, no frills, tungsten update of that early Sixties classic by The Strangeloves, in which (if you didn't know) Richard Gottehrer played.



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