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It's the home of CHISWICK Records. Both BISHOPS' CD "Speedball Plus 11" and "The Best Of" are available here. You'll also find a lot of other goodies from every taste of popular music. You'll find here a complete catalogue of all the ACE's subsidiary labels, etc...
A must !!!


A great (French) site about another great English pub rock band, The INMATES.
The INMATES appeared in 1979 with their cover of "Dirty Water" (Standells). They're still active in 2005.
Support them !!! 
They're great.

Charlie MORGAN Charlie MORGAN (who played drums with The BISHOPS on "Taste And Try", recorded live at the Hope & Anchor, late 1979) has his own site.
He played with Elton John and many other great artists.
Have a look !

Another COUNT BISHOPS site. 
As they say: "The aim of the site is to convey the excitement of one of the most energetic and under appreciated R'n'B bands that blasted outta the UK in the late 70s".


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